“Apapachoa” comes from the Náhuatl language and it means to cuddle with the soul, to hug with the soul, to caress with the soul. So I just turned the noun into a verb to express how I feel about life or, at least, how I would like to live towards it: with Love, tenderness, openness, affection and warmth. I is only in this state when beautiful things can happen, when your soul is awake and warm so you let the good stuff come in and look at life through enlighted eyes.

Náhuatl  is known historically as Aztec and is a language or group of languages of the Uto-Aztecan language family. Varieties of Nahuatl are spoken by an estimated 1.5 million Nahua people, most of whom live in central Mexico. All Nahuan lamguages are indigenous to Mesoamerica. Náhuatl has been spoken in central Mexico since at least the 7th century. It was the language of the Aztecs who dominated what is now central Mexico during the Late Postclassic period of Mesoamerican history.