Who is Lau?

I am a Catalan girl (so from Barcelona area, a region of Spain that is fighting for its independence) who was born on June 21st, in the summer solstice of ’93. Maybe this is why I feel like I have a big Sun inside of me that drives me to achieve all my goals, dreams and projects and make them come true.  If labels are needed, I am also a teacher, a writer, a traveler, an explorer, an amateur photographer, a hiker, a hitchhiker, a food lover and always an eternal learner. Learning makes my soul expand, specially anything related to hollistic education, nature, sustainable living and healthy practices, like nutrition, yoga, physical activity and relaxation. Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy heart.

I want to know a little bit of everything from different people and experiences. Learning how to love and listen to myself in order to give others the best version of me and connect with them. In love with Life and Freedom. If labels are not needed, I am just another amazing human being trying to give the best of me, as everybody else.

Sometimes I write but not necessarily to be read, it is more like a therapeutic activity that helps me to put in order what is inside of me and be very present. Sometimes I do wanna be read so I can influence on people by just sharing my perspective, feelings and thoughts on different topics, awake my readers’ souls and make them see/think/learn/realize something that they didn’t before.


Talk little about yourself, even less about others and a lot about things– Chinease proverb