Less is more!

I have always liked this sentence, but here in Iceland I feel like it has real and deep meaning, more than ever! Some days ago I was having dinner with the owners of the guesthouse I am currently working in, the TV was on and the pictures that were being showed caught my attention, even though I didn’t want to look rude by watching TV instead of sharing the meal with them. It was some kind of travel programe and the city that appeared looked familiar to me, it was somewhere in Morocco! I shared with them how in love I am with this country and we started talking about the cities that the program showed, I got so into it and I don’t know exactly why but I felt so alive. I have always liked travel programs, and it had been a long time since I hadn’t seen any, so I was very enthusiastic and curious to learn more about the places they were talking about. I felt again that passion about Travel even though it was in an indirect way. I enjoyed a lot that night watching TV and talkig to the family about it, I felt so grateful for being there, in the middle of nowhere with an Icelandic family that is now my family.

When I got to my room I could still feel passionate about life in a high level, more than usual, and that night, too, I understood a couple of things. I have been in Iceland for almost one and a half month working in the same place and I have seen some amazing places while here and during my free days. There are so few stimulus around that it makes me be a lot in the present. It makes me put all my attention in every single thing I do or see and also makes me absorb deeply everything that is around me: the news on the TV, a conversation with somebody, a walk to the beach… I enjoy it a lot more and everything seems more interesting and beautiful. Somehow it inspires me, it fulfills me, it makes me think and feel in a very relaxed way. It is because I feel I have time for everything, specially for the most important things, the most basic ones: breathe, nature, sharing with others, myself.

I have realized how many unnecessary things I had in my life in the past, when I was living in the city of Barcelona for example, a wonderful city, but full of stimulus that sometimes take you with the caothic rhythm of any cosmopolitan city. We don’t really need a lot and we can feel very alive with so little. I haven’t learnt this now, but I would say I have trully experienced it here, while before I only knew the theory. My current lifestyle in Iceland makes me show the best version of myself almost everyday, it makes me  bring out a lot of things from inside of me, I listen to myself much more and I can melt the sound of my breathing with the sound of the waves when I go to the beach to meditate. It is so easy here, it almost comes naturally, when in Barcelona I had so much trouble to find a quiet place with nobody around me. So many external stimulus make all my senses shut off and these days, the best discovery that I am doing is to turn on all my senses, as if I was waking up again.

I have never been before in such an isolated place for a long time with so much beauty all around me. I wake up every day willing to look at the sky and see how it looks like today. Every day is different, even every hour. How will the sunrise be? How many rainbows will there be today? How will the sunset be? The colors, the textures, the shapes of the clouds, the same mountains of everyday, but so different depending on the weather. Maybe it is too short time being here that I don’t get tired of all of this, but how can I get tired if everyday is different? How can I feel so happy with the daily weather conditions and the same landscapes of everyday? How can I feel so alive with just staring at the sea and listen to it, touch the sand, run from the waves, pick some beautiful stones up, extend my arms, breath and smile? How can there be so much beauty out there and I only know a small percentage of it? How can nature show us such amazing things like these in the most natural way? I guess…

Less is more.


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